Zelkova is a medium sized tree with a beautiful, spreading, umbrella-like canopy. It is a graceful low-maintenance, low-water tree that grows quickly to fill a space with lush green foliage and gorgeous fall color. 


Color / Appearance

Sapwood is yellowish white in color, while the heartwood is yellowish brown to brown, or light golden brown in color. 

Grain / Texture

Reported to vary from straight to irregular and wavy. Texture is reported to be coarse. 


Seasoned wood is reported to have moderate dimensional stability, and tends to exhibit medium movement after manufacture. Hardness is rated as medium. It resists denting and marring about as well as white oak or birch.

Common Uses

Carvings, chairs, chests, domestic flooring, joinery, furniture, ornamental work, shafts/handles, shipbuilding, general woodwork

Characteristics used by permission from The Wood Database

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