Urban Wood Rescue is located at 6045 Midway Street (Depot Park) in Sacramento

OPen to public: Thursday-Saturday 8:15am-4:15pm

Log Donations

We accept logs of the following species that are at least 14+ inches diameter and 8+ feet in length


Walnut* Sycamore / London plane
Elm* Stone fruit trees, all varieties
Redwood* Oak, straight, case-by-case
Maple Sheoak
Ash Cedar
Locust Zelkova / Keyaki
Camphor Black acacia
Chinese pistache Other exotic / rare, case-by-case
Tulip poplar

*Top priorities. This list subject to change.



We accept logs at a minimum of 14" diameter and can handle logs more than six feet diameter. 


Ideal logs are at least eight feet plus a few inches long and must be relatively straight (otherwise we cannot mill them). The longer, the better! We may accept shorter lengths of particularly unique wood, burls, etc. 


At this time, donated logs must be delivered to our location with advance notification and approval. 




Call with any questions. All donations are tax deductible. 


Other Facts About Tree Cutting, Recovery, and Donation

Can you cut down my tree?

No. Urban Wood Rescue does not perform tree removals. 

Do you recommend a tree care service to remove our tree(s) and/or transport logs to your location?

The Sacramento Tree Foundation website has great information on How to Hire a Reliable Tree Care Company. There you can find out what to look for in a company/arborist, what questions to ask, and more. There are many great companies out there and quite a few have delivered and donated logs to us in the past, including: A Plus Tree, Richard's Tree Service, Environmental Tree Service, Doug Peterson Tree Service, West Coast Arborists, Mowbray's Tree Service, Davey Tree, and more.

Can I get a discount from the tree company for giving you the logs?

In some cases, a tree company may give you a small discount because they will save time from not having to chip or pay the tipping fees at the landfill.  

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